Our Brand History

FCM History

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, the FCM Travel Solutions brand was launched to market in June 2004. The decision to adopt the FCM Travel Solutions' name followed the consolidation of various businesses within Flight Centre Limited's highly successful corporate travel division, which commenced in 1993. From the mid to late 1990s, Flight Centre Limited aggressively grew its organic corporate businesses and at the same time made a number of strategic acquisitions to enhance the group's technology capabilities and strengthen its international market position. By 2002 Flight Centre Limited's corporate division included seven different businesses, which in 2004 were consolidated to form FCM Travel Solutions. Since 2004, FCM has continued to partner with leading local travel companies to expand the company's network, which currently extends to more than 90 countries. Today FCM Travel Solutions is a top 5 global travel management company managing the travel programmes for some of the world’s most successful corporate brands. Our portfolio of clients includes a broad selection of multi-national, national, regional and local companies across every industry and specialisation.


 BlueTeam History

Blueteam Travel Group was founded in 1998 by Roberto Valenti and Marco Rinaldo who continue to function as driving forces and leaders of the business today in partnership with Simona Annoni, that aims to a demanding clientele, who requires high qualitative standard levels.
Blueteam Travel Group is focused on savings, obtained with the total adherence of Corporate Travel Policy and shared with the customer through performance certifications, provided by an external accredited institution.
Blueteam Travel is ranked in the top 4 Travel Management Companies based on Italian sales volume with a Value Proposition able to ensure to the companies a cost-savings final result that makes Blueteam management the most convenient of the market. This is possible combining the high standard of the service provided to the best synergy, collaboration and flexibility in the relationships between Client, Blueteam and services suppliers.

• FCM Italy is formed by a group of specialized companies that have over 200 employees in various dedicated fields so far.
• The agency has a strong organization structure, with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates.
• Long lasting relationships with client with a very high retention rate.

Fast facts
Date established: 1998
Local Offices: 15
Headquarters: Luisago  CO Italy
FCM Global Network
90+ countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas

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Email: fcm@it.fcm.travel